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Buying cheaper products often results in having to replace them more frequently, and this takes precious time and more money in the end. We want to provide the highest quality, for the most fair price without compromising the integrity of the products we select, so we take a lot of time in researching our suppliers.

We’re obsessed with awesome things that make us feel good. We comb vintage sales, auctions, craft fairs, etsy, and more to find products worthy of our Bloomington Dry Goods stamp. We love small business, and small batch production and products that are USA-made, eco-friendly, fair-trade, and repurposed, or vintage. As we grow, we are working towards having our entire collection of goods fit those buzz words. We know that with your help in supporting small business, new designers, artisans, and craftspeople will result in collective success. 

We want you to feel great about the products you purchase and how you decorate your home and the gifts you give. We love what we do, and we feel the positive energy we put into our shop translates to our customers. 

At our core, is the exploration of how things are made, the people behind the product, and why. The story is what sells us and compels us, and we encourage you to think more about “the story” behind what you are purchasing even outside of BDG.